Excellence is driven by true self mastery,

not by other people's magic bullets.

It's closer than you think.

The 9 Freedoms Assessment

This thing is brilliant. It seems so simple but the insights you added to the report are so spot on. How could you possibly know that?? More than that even just the quiz got me thinking. I'm watching for things I didn't before and noticing ways I can get more freedom just by how I move through my life.

Also thanks for the suggestions. You really laid out a plan for me to make progress. It's not really just a quiz, it's a jump start.

Samuel P, Entrepreneur

Dude. Wow! I'm sitting here with this roadmap of my situation but it's really clear how I can complete it. The radial graph helps. It's like claiming territory. I see those angles and I want t0 push them out -expand my freedoms.

Since did the [ 9FA ] I have been looked at your responses a few times. Looking for ways to make it better. You gave me good start but now I'm actually thinking strategically about my self mastery. Epic.

Erica F, Healer

Self Mastery calls to us when it's time.

If you're here, it's because you're drawn to that excellence. You have a sense that the foundation of YOU is the key to EVERYTHING you want to be, do, and create.

I only work with elite individuals pushing their self mastery to the limit. If that's you, get in touch so we can begin.

But I understand that many will be interested even if they're not in a position to begin working with me and need a place to start. If you're feeling curious, I'm very excited to welcome you to the 9 Freedoms Path.

We're going to get clarity on a few things:

- The state of your 9 Freedoms

- Your Sovereignty Archetype

- The Best Path towards excellence

These are the 3 keys to right relationship with your true self. Everything is easier with this layer sorted. Once we're done you'll have the keys to your own kingdom and be able to tap into your unique strengths at will.

The process is simple and it goes a little like this:

1. You'll click the link and complete your signup

2. I'll send you the assessment to complete

3. You'll receive your results along with my input

4. We'll schedule a call to review

5. I'll run you through your assessment and next steps to excellence

You will leave with a strong understanding of how your different aspects feed and support each other. The power to utilize your greatest freedoms and navigate any situation that comes your way.

This includes how you can:

- Use your time freedom to create more wealth,

- Use your mental freedom to create more time,

- Use your social freedom to create more purpose.

And much more.

You'll learn your dominant Sovereignty Archetype, a highlight of your strengths and a light to shine on where you have room to grow. As more of your friends and associates know their own SAs, you'll be able to compare notes, give feedback, and collaborate for maximum effectiveness.

Everything you ever wanted is within reach,

This strategic awareness opens the doors.

I work with my clients on everything from personal power to paradigms, primal instinct to relationships, and building unique tactics for their unique life. It's my passion to optimize the movers and shakers from the roots up. As of now these clients invest $3,000 per month for complete support, private telegram access, and strategic calls...

And every single one starts with the 9 Freedoms Assessment.

But I think this is a powerful tool for anyone, and I want to make it available, so you're invited to access this initial process for $111.

One Assessment.

One 30min Call.

Complete freedom.

If you want to continue together, all you have to do is ask. You'll never get a sneaky sales pitch from me and I won't spam you with sales letters. The path of self mastery is calling. When you know, you'll know.

However, I'm excited to get this out into the world, so for now until otherwise noted, I'm giving it to you for $77.

Let's get started, shall we?

Click the link to pay $77 and we'll begin the 9 Freedoms Assessment.