Self Mastery is the cornerstone of true excellence.

[ Self ] Mastery Mentorship

Having worked with so many high level service providers by this point - the standard of reliability, responsiveness, follow through consistently provided by Kedrik has been refreshing to say the least.

His depth of insight, and quality & the impact of his work stands on its own, but the way he’s treated us and tended to the human connection during his consultation has made the normally soul-crushing process of organizational improvement incredibly gratifying, and working with him a joy!

Ben Kessler, Founder | Ops Director

You make me want to reconnect with the part of me that “knows” how to survive out in the wilderness. As if I could throw on a backpack and just go. I get that just from being in your presence and it makes me know that I can (somehow).

You don’t have to teach me how to have confidence…I somehow “know” I have confidence when I talk to you.

You re-connect me to the Truth about myself.

MJ Impastato, Founder | CEO


There is more to the world and you want it. You're not here to play small. Your world is dialed in but you want more and you can feel it waiting for you. But you want the direct route.

The process has become tedious as you climb towards higher sovereignty. You've read the books, watched the seminars, and listened to the 'gurus' talk, but change has become slow.

You're standing on the plateau of your own story.

Exhaustion is creeping in and what's worse, there are things in your life that won't dial in and you don't know why.


Pushing harder and working more is what got you here. But the next level demands that you become clever, and you know it. The most effective path through life is effortless. Scaling is a matter of tactical advantage inside and out.

You must be Masterful.

But in the trenches it's difficult to see the pitfalls. You've got an empire to build; no time to train yourself and strategize WHILE you're out there putting in the work. There is an essential Awareness for self mastery and to get it, you need a second set of eyes...


Your story must fit you. No fluff, no detours. We will dial in your 9 Freedoms and work at the layer of principles to save precious time so you can place your energy where you need it most. In the wild, there are those that wander, and

there are those that EXPLORE.

I will be your eagle eyes from a thousand feet above. I will hand you the tools, tricks, and mindsets that you need.

We will dial in your practices and fine tune your methods to move the pieces on the board with precision and efficiency. No more fucking around, we play to win.


Everything starts with Awareness. You will become the all seeing lion of your world and nothing will escape your gaze. You'll learn to track yourself internally and energetically, and correlate that to actionable steps in your life.

Self aligned with true self.

You will become calm and clear as we formulate strategic methods to navigating whatever life throws at you. Whether it be emotional competency and mastery of your relationships, or the discipline to define your life on your terms.

We will unlock your Instinct and hone your Intuition, releasing the elite hunter within you. Whether you are exploring new social scenes or running down that perfect business deal, your inner sense will be ruthless.

Life will begin to flow in your favor, because you will no longer be trying to make it work, you will be mastering every step.

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Kedrik / Cedric

My own self mastery started early. I began questioning the world at a young age and discovered a passion for excellence as a teen. My own path has included over two decades of meditation, 11,000 hours in the wilderness, and the collection of a wide range of tools to do exactly this work.

My Path has prepared me to guide you on yours.

I've explored down many roads to become the creature I am today. Professional Coach and Consultant, Master Goldsmith, and expert meta systems thinker. Every step on the trail bringing me closer to the same goals you are seeking. From my vantage further down the trail I will help you master your Self and your own story.

Are you ready?