"I've brought Cedric in as a Strategist and wingman on many projects over the years. In fact, we work together on most of my projects at this point, and I wouldn't trust anyone else to do the work he does with me.

I've studied mysticism and metaphysics for nearly 20 years and it's clear to me that Cedric is a master of his skills.

Anyone serious about their spiritual path or their current work needs a keen second set of eyes to catch all of the pieces. Cedric will be that reliable support and additional pair of hands that makes it much easier."

Dr. Matt K

Elite Coach

Strategy Client

"It seemed challenging to me to try and sum up my experience with you as my esoteric guide into a few words or a short paragraph. How could words possibly describe the verity of this adventure we call life?

Your teaching and guidance has been the catalyst for helping me to remember the divine spark within.

You've given me the tools that I've utilized to unlock the deepest, purest, and most powerful parts within my being. Helping me to more fully understand and embrace reality itself. Liberating the wild heart. You've shown me that I have the keys to unlock any door....any barrier. Every step is on the path.

Choosing to work with you has been the single most important decision of my life to this point. My life is full again with magic and wonder. You are truly meant for this work. You're a powerful guide with an enormous capacity to hold the unfolding and expansion occurring within the student. Your strength and integrity is amazing and inspiring. I am so incredibly grateful for the divine wisdom you've shared with me throughout my journey. I can say with confidence that the tools you've helped me to develop will continue to empower me throughout my life. My spirit guided me towards you for this reason.

When the student is ready the teacher appears.

Thank you for being the reflection I needed to see."

Angela A.

Energetic Healer - Astrologer

Mysticism Student

"Having worked with so many high level service providers by this point - the standard of reliability, responsiveness, and follow through consistently provided by Kedrik has been refreshing to say the least.

His depth of insight, and the quality & impact of his work stands on its own, but the way he’s treated us and tended to the human connection during his consultation has made the normally soul-crushing process of organizational improvement incredibly gratifying, and working with him a joy!"

Ben K

Founder, Ops Director

Strategy & Mastery Client

"You make me want to reconnect with the part of me that “knows” how to survive out in the wilderness. As if I could throw on a backpack and just go. I get that just from being in your presence and it makes me know that I can (somehow).

I personally have VERY limited knowledge of how to do this, but I feel like it is my birthright because I was born into this world on purpose — so I’m supposed to be able to survive and thrive here.

You don’t have to teach me how to have confidence… I somehow “know” I have confidence when I talk to you.

You re-connect me to the Truth about myself."


CEO and Founder

Mastery Client

"A year ago, I hired Kedrik to look around and ask questions.

This turned out to be a really, really good decision."

Spencer C

Founder, Visionary

Strategy Client

"Cedric’s perspective and insight easily draws you back to your own nature. Talking through my “stuff” with him made me focus back to the roots of what’s important to me. I was amazed at how quick and natural working through things with Cedric went."



Mastery Client