Hello, I'm Kedrik Winter Wolf

I help elite people create their unique Mastery

Welcome to the wolf den.

Consider this your letter of invitation,

If you're here, either someone sent you or you got curious. The people I work with are a particular breed.

I help you master the most important areas of your life and I help you do this faster than you thought possible. But the truth is,

If you want to master your Life you have to master your Self.

That may not be news to you, but the truth is you cannot master your Self until you let go of everyone else's stories and focus on your own unique path. The reason that people hire me to do what most cannot is because I have been through my own trials and come out the other side with an unshakable trust in myself. I will guide you on your own Path. Not mine, not theirs, not anyone else's. Yours.

This world is over-filled with hallow inspirational jargon.

You've heard it all and it all feels a little empty.

It's not that they're wrong, it's that they've missed a piece that they can't see:


Most of the coaching and consulting world is so busy trying to pump people through their magic-bullet program that they miss the client right in front of their eyes. The business says "keep it simple so it can scale". You do not want to be on the receiving end of a business that treats you like a number.

That is not how I work.

I work at the foundations of people. I dig into the principles of reality and connect that to what you are creating in the world. This is where we bring forth your true mastery. There are two paths to choose when working with me:

Mastery Mentorship


Mystic's Guidance

From my vantage it's all the same one-thing, and that is where you benefit exponentially more than with other advisors. Whether your mission is to dominate at work, enhance your home life, and master your relationships... Or you have been called to the unique work of the Mystic, both paths stand on the same foundation of Self aligned with true Self in a powerful way. I'm not going to tell you how to do it my way. I am going to give you the tools to do it your way.

If you're looking for powerful alignment to unlock all aspects of your freedom and personal sovereignty then it is time for Mastery.

If you have been called to the Esoteric path and your focus is your spirituality, expanding your connection to the aether, and igniting your own magick, now is the path of Mysticism.

Two expressions of the core truths that guide the sovereign individual.

Wherever we land, you get fundamental tools, big picture wisdom paired with detail oriented, systems thinking insight into the matter at hand.

But let's be clear, you must be committed to whatever you decide is next; you must have the capacity to be nimble in your perspectives; you must be curious.

Most of all, you must be yourself.

I will hand you the tools and point at paths through the wilderness.

The navigation is in your hands.

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